Health, wellness and your pain

Pain management includes so much more than just medication. Pain can affect the whole body, including one’s emotional and mental wellbeing. While medicated gels and tablets can prove to be helpful pain relief options, there are many complementary solutions that may help in alleviating pain and restoring your joy of ...movement.

We aim to educate and empower you (after all, knowledge is power), to approach pain management in a holistic way that addresses other aspects of your lifestyle to get you moving again.

That’s why, true to our ambition, we stand by your side as an ally in all things pain-relief, whether it’s the benefits of exercises you could do or how to have conversations about pain with your doctor. All so you can get back to doing the little things that have a big impact. Because it’s not just movement. It’s taking a walk with a friend. It’s unpacking that last box to call a house a home. It’s the sparkling eyes as you carry that three-tiered chocolate cake to the dinner table. It’s feeling like yourself again. 

Here you can find reliable resources on anything from stretches, to tips on how to speak to your doctor, and so much more – all from our team.

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An elderly man and women dancing without feeling body pain


Understanding your body pain

Understanding your body pain is not only critical to help you find the best way to relieve pain, but it could also help your recovery or help manage it. Before reaching for a pain relief option, it is helpful to understand what pain is, why it occurs, what it means, and the best ways to manage it. For instance, what is the difference between acute pain and chronic pain? What does it mean if pain is dull vs sharp? Learn all about the types of pain and what they can mean. 

Mental wellbeing

Our mental health is no less important than our physical health. One of the most difficult, and often-overlooked, aspects of living with pain is its effect on our mood and accompanying emotional pain. Learning how to set goals and reach out to others can be invaluable in the quest for sustained pain management. Here are some resources for fortifying your mental wellbeing.

Exercise & diet

Diet and exercise impact both your physical and mental wellbeing. But where should you start? Which foods could promote a healthy weight? Learn more about the benefits of exercise and diet, and how keeping fit can help you to stay healthy and relieve pain. And best of all, we keep it all simple and straightforward so you can get started now. 

Complementary therapies

Whether you are looking for home non-medicinal relief options for back pain or osteoarthritis, complementary to medicated pain relief solutions, here are some tips for therapies that can supplement your pain management regimen that can help you feel better over time.