We understand it can be tough to remember to get up and move as often as you should. But don’t give up, scientists have found that spending more time moving each day can improve your health, relieving pain and tiredness¹.
Regularly going for a 2 minute stroll can be enough to get you started, and can reduce the risk of joint and back pain by 25%*². If you find yourself in pain don’t let it hold you back, help take control with our product range, and get moving again. A little movement can help make a big difference, so give it a go with these tips.

*In accordance to guidelines, physical activity provides a wide spectrum of health benefits which may include but are not limited to: improved pain management, function, and quality of life; lower risk of early death


When people experience pain such as osteoarthritis, they become more sedentary, whereas an active lifestyle could help relieve joint pain³.

Movement tips

Try walking for 2 minutes 4 times a day, put the kettle on, check the letterbox, stroll to put the bins out. It all counts.

Do leg or arm movements and stretches even when you’re sitting down.

If you sit for long periods at work, walk to a colleague's desk to chat with them instead of sending them an email.

Lifestyle tips

An increase in weight can put more strain on your joints, so try and maintain a healthy balanced diet, like eating the recommended 5 fruit and vegetables a day⁴.

Set yourself a reminder to move and make it part of your routine, e.g. every time you look at your watch, get up and move, or if you’re watching TV, get up for a walk at the end of every episode.

Music can be a real motivator, pushing you to exercise more or harder. 


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