Well done you, this is a really great amount of exercise. Moving that much, you should think about getting a trainer to help you avoid injuries. If you do find yourself in pain, our products can help you get back in the game. No matter how much you exercise you may still sit more than you realise throughout the day and evening, increasing the risk of joint and back problems¹. So break up periods of sitting with a little stroll or a stretch.


Studies have found that 2 minutes of resistance training can be as effective as 12 minutes in reducing pain & tenderness².

Movement tips

Set yourself a reminder to move and make it part of your routine, e.g. every time you look at your watch get up and move, or at the end of every episode when you’re watching TV.

Set aside time a couple of times a day to stretch out, morning or night.

Walk to a colleague's desk to chat with them instead of sending them an email.

Lifestyle tips

Get a coach. You do a lot of exercise, a coach may help you improve your technique and minimise the risk of injury.

Walk or cycle to work if it’s not too far away.

Music can be a real motivator, pushing you to exercise more or harder.


1. Start active, stay active. Department of Health. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/216370/dh_128210.pdf, accessed 12 April 2018

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